What is JarPlay Class Technology?

published on 18 Dec 2021 written by Kyaw Zaw Win

JarPlay class technology is simply a technology product of JarPlay, to build and deploy complete solution of scalable software products cost effectively. It's made of development technique and deployment strategy surrounded by technology and tools.

JarPlay Class Technology Multi Cloud Infrastructure

JarPlay Class Technology Multi Cloud Infrastructure

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In JarPlay, we believe that we can achieve the time, cost and quality triangle problem of software development life cycle by applying advanced technology available nowadays. Moreover, it is the vision of JarPlay and it is the only reason why we do exist in the industry.

Looking back to past 5 years of our startup journey, we had done great jobs. However, some failed especially in past 2 years till now where we’ve got hit by COVID-19 and unstable situation in Myanmar.

Despite all the things happening around JarPlay, we had got some time rethinking on how we can continuously persuade vision of JarPlay based on the previous projects and implementations experiences.

In October 2019, we had finalized and publicly announced the JarPlay class technology, and it become our mainstream development technology and strategy to all our new projects and upgrading some of the existing project into JarPlay class technology based on customer request

It was a great achievement of JarPlay to finalize and streamline the whole process of our daily operations, even though bad things are happening around.

Developing software is easy but making it scalable is hard, maintaining the scalability of software is even harder.

In JarPlay, we believe that the scalability of a software has 3 main pillars.

  1. First and foremost, the performance of software application must be scalable. If a certain execution task of a code block can perform and response within 5 ms for a single request, it should perform and response within 5-6 ms for certain (virtually unlimited) concurrent and simultaneous requests.
  2. Talented human resources come into play in software development process, because talented and skillful developer develop software. It is always hard to resize the team for certain project development. If the team is upsizing, we need a new team member to quickly fit into the team and project. If the team is downsizing, the remaining team member must be able to handover others’ member task effortlessly. In JarPlay, we believe that the communication is key to achieve, and JarPlay class make sure that everyone in the team and company is on the same page and understand same protocol.
  3. Size of project matters as it grows, have you ever been experiencing IDE loading taking too long just because project size is too big with a million lines of code and thousands of libraries? Have you ever been waiting webpack or gulp to recompile assets for over 10 mins whenever you make changes and hack adding cache and incremental build to reduce the time of recompiling assets? More importantly, tightly coupling between modules, libraries and classes becomes a nightmare during the maintenance process as it grows. In JarPlay, we no longer worry such problem because of our JarPlay class technology. We have been maintaining our in-house signature product that is made of over 50 different modules and more, known as e-commerce ready HAWK Inventory control system which is the first ever product using JarPlay Class technology.