What is ArmoCMS that build on top of JarPlay Class Technology?

published on 02 Jan 2022 written by Kyaw Zaw Win

ArmoCMS is one of our SaaS products designed to provide a full-fledged solution of JAMStack website development and deploy on cloud infrastructure at 99.99% uptime with blazing fast deliverable speed at any scale.

ArmoCMS on JarPlay Class Infrastructure

ArmoCMS on JarPlay Class Infrastructure

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Before we talk about ArmoCMS, we should understand what JAMStack is.

JAMStack is a collaboration of a static website generated by site generators such as jekyll; hugo, and pluggable API, to build highly scalable, secure, distributed and fast performance websites.

In ArmoCMS, we do not use drupal, joomla or wordpress to build websites. Because we believe in the power of JAMStack.

All our website portfolios powered by ArmoCMS are JAMStack websites.

The main reason we use JAMStack is that it is perfectly aligned with our JarPlay Class Technology which is designed on microservice architecture and highly scalable. With JAMStack, we can clearly separate the whole website into 2 layers such as presentation layer and pluggable api services layer which give limitless scalability and flexibility of the website.

Although JAMStack does not come with a pre-built admin panel like other CMS does, there are a lot of open source and SaaS to support JAMStack website as a CMS.

However, ArmoCMS was built to extend the JAMStack community and become one of the leading marketplace in the JAMStack ecosystem, across the world.

ArmoCMS is made of 4 pillars

  1. It is JAMStack (https://jamstack.org/)
  2. Unique strategy of slicing components and structuring layout pages.
  3. Simple and powerful pre-built CMS admin for each individual website theme.
  4. Highly scalable and built on top of our own in-house technology known as JarPlay Class Technology.